Paladyn Chat page This page is intended for people who have a username and password.

It is a hand written page, mostly just a framework for the Javascript Chat program which you should see in the bottom right of this page.

I hope to write more about Internet Chat on my blog at at some stage as that is easier to update.

About Internet Chat

I agree with the opions expressed at so I created a free Internet Chat account on one of the systems described below. It only took a few minutes.

Being interested in such technical things I then created my own XMPP (Internet Chat) server. It took me less than a day to set up, so should be well within the capabilities of any university or company with an IT Department.

Security and Privacy

XMPP servers are Federated - talking to each other over secure links, my server serves two groups (effectively two servers). - for members of Oxford Phab club - here is its XMPP Score score - personal server for friends and family - here is its XMPP score score

Internet Chat accounts

If you are interested in a free Internet Chat account, there are plenty available, for example at

Internet Chat Clients

You can have a basic Internet Chat using a web browser and a web based chat server, but if you install a program on your computer or phone you may - depending on the program you install, and the capabilities of the program being used by the person you are chatting to - be able to send files and pictures, and have voice, or even video conversations.

There are Internet Chat (XMPP) programs to run on just about every kind of computer. There is a list at where you will probably find one which will run on your computer, or smartphone, or tablet.

I use Pidin and Gajim on my Linux Desktop, though both work under Windows too.

I use Conversations on my Android mobile phone.

My sister has an iPad, which worked with Monal, although on the iPhone it did not successfully connect to my Prosody server.

There is a web XMPP client called JSXC, set up on this system here